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Store Policy

Customer Satisfaction

If you are not completely satisfied with our popcorn, we offer a full refund on any complaints made within 3 days of popcorn delivery date. 

People that enjoy butter on their popcorn, or enjoy foods high in cholesterol, with a high fat content sometimes find our product not to their liking...We get that. We are delighted that you made the effort to give our popcorn a try. 

Simply email us or text us, and we'll make arrangements to retrieve our product, and refund you your purchase minus a $5 recovery fee. 

Passion For The Disabled

Pop's Manna has been a company in the making for more than 23 years. The CEO is a graduate of  UW Milwaukee with a BS in Social Welfare. Often times when marketing this idea to others, he'd start his intro out with, "You don't choose the field of Social Welfare to get rich...well, at least those of us who's hearts are after helping the greater well-being of society."

After graduating from UW Milwaukee in 1997 "PopcornPaul" (e.g., Pcp) had always had almost an unusual passion for people born with disabilities. 


  solely owned by individuals diagnosed with disabilities. A man himself struggling with an unknown disability until the ripe old age of 38, he understands the immense issues surrounding the lives of people diagnosed with disabilities. Sadly, he also understands the misjudgment of others who malign their fully functioning brains with those who have disabilities. He has tasted the blight ignorant scrutiny and judgement of individuals who judged his errors cause by his disability through the ability and reason of a mind lacking the disability that caused the error in the first place.

It was as a result of his own battles with a more manageable disability, that he sought to create a company similar to businesses like "Goodwill," and others with one finite difference. He didn't want to just hire those individuals, but he wants to help them to become prominent members of society. 

He aspired the company to consist primarily of individuals dependent upon Disability Social Security Income, but desiring for something greater...or shall we say, something a little more "average." Average meaning, earning enough income to buy a house, own a car, have a family, go on vacations, and be a functioning member of society with dignity. Upon first marketing his original recipe in the public markets, churches, and publicized events, people would inform him what a million dollar product he had, and would encourage him to sell and market his product in grocery stores and other retail avenues. But he held his ground and waited for the optimal time to develop a business that sold it's product in a manner suited to the individuals who would eventually be developing, growing, and creating Pop's Manna franchises. To do this, he needed to develop a "Trade School" that would teach and assist his aspiring students and future franchise owners the skills necessary for them to become franchise partners. His aspirations were to not only create careers for these individuals, but to help them to be financially set to the point where they could explore some of the avenues of life so few people born with disabilities ever are able to seek out, because the majority of their existence is centered on their disability, instead of who they are, and why they were created.


Payment Methods
Payment Methods

- Cash App

- Credit / Debit Cards



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